BlueCAT Catalytic Converter CAT-GX340/GX390

BlueCAT™ catalytic converters include an advanced, high-performance tri-metallic emissions control catalyst built into the muffler.  Its size is selected based upon the engine exhaust flow characteristics.  The noise attenuation performance matches or surpasses that of the original muffler.  BlueCAT’s are a direct replacement for OEM designed mufflers making installation quick and easy.  The BlueCAT™ emission control system is designed to operate with both gasoline and gaseous (LPG & CNG) fueled small spark ignited engines to provide high-performance reductions in all major exhaust gas emissions.


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BlueCAT™ Catalytic Converter, direct replacement for the OEM muffler of a HONDA GX-390 engine

Weight 4.854 lbs

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