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The history of Carburetion & Turbo Systems actually started long before the business began.

During the 1960’s, Dave Leivestad, Founder, was a bulk truck driver who delivered propane (LPG) to rural customer’s for home heating in eastern Montana.  At that time, he learned how to convert the trucks he drove to run on propane.  He then started converting tractors and pick-ups for customers and farmers.

Over the years, Dave has worked on nearly every size and type of engine… from small portable generators to large engines (ranging from 8 cubic inches to 3,000 cubic inches), for all sorts of applications that include, but are not limited to, agriculture, commercial, construction, delivery, industrial, lawn & garden, power generation, pumping, transportation, etc.

In 1970, Dave and his wife, Deanna, moved to Minnesota where he worked for a company whose only purpose was converting engines and vehicles to run on propane.  After a few years, Dave accepted a position with a large utility company, where he began overseeing their fleet of propane-powered vehicles.

In 1978, Dave and Deanna started their own alternative fuel conversion company – Propane Carburetion & Turbo Service.  Shortly afterwards, they also began converting engines/vehicles to operate using compressed natural gas (CNG).  In 1984, they decided to slightly change the company name to Carburetion & Turbo Systems, Inc. (CTS), to more accurately reflect the products and services that the company provides.  Today, the company is commonly known as CARB & TURBO.

During the late 1990’s we experienced a huge demand for systems that were installed onto backup power generators.

During the 2000’s, we began promoting and installing EPA-certified systems that are specifically designed for select vehicles.  We also began offering complete GM engines already converted to run on propane or natural gas.

Today, in addition to the above, we are establishing partnerships with OEMs/OEIs to develop EPA-certified systems for small engine applications.

When the business was first founded, about 90% of the sales involved installations and repairs of alternative fuel systems on all types of engines/vehicles.  The remaining 10% was derived from shipping components and systems to customers in the continental United States.  Today, the ratios are pretty much the opposite – most of our business involves shipping components and systems to domestic and international customers with the balance attributed to installing systems onto engines/vehicles.

CARB & TURBO’s large inventory enables us to produce thousands of kits at any given time.  Over the years, we have also developed a reputation for being able to provide rare and hard-to-find components.

CARB & TURBO remains family-owned and operated. After 25 years of leadership, Dave and Deanna sold the company to two of Dave’s younger brothers, Phil and Eric; both of whom have been with the company since the mid 1980’s.  Phil and Eric have a wealth of knowledge and experience; and are well-respected for it within the industry.

We look forward to working with you on your project(s).  Please contact us at (952) 445-3910.