PPI Aluminum Conformable LPG tanks are available in 2-, 4- and 6-cells and lengths up to 102″. They may be installed nearly anywhere on a vehicle – horizontally or vertically; plus they…

  • have a Stronger, Modular Design
  • offer Greater Fuel Volume
  • require Less Space
  • are Rust Resistant
  • Weigh Less

lpg modular cellsaluminum lpg tank

Conventional Cylindrical LPG Tank… 20” (Diameter) x 60” (L) = 60 Useable Gallons… consumes 25% of the length of the Pickup Bed/Box Space.

PPI Conformable Tank LPG Tank… 12” (Depth) x 25” (H) x 60” (L) = 48 Useable Gallons… requires only 15% of the length of the Pickup Bed/Box Space

The above comparison applies to the tanks themselves and does not take into consideration tank mounting brackets.