Garretson Impco KN 039-0002


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The Model KN is a secondary regulator designed for maximum sensitivity and simple, trouble-free operation.  It is suitable for use with low pressure Natural Gas and vaporized LPG.  This regulator is typically used in service applications up to 30 kW (40 HP).  A new high-flow capacity unit is also available with a ½” orifice, suitable for service applications up to 37 kW (50 HP). The KN regulator may easily and quickly be refurbished with the appropriate IMPCO repair kit.


Fuel Type                                        LPG Vapor or Natural Gas Vapor

Operating Temperature          -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)

Mounting Position                     As close to the carburetor as possible with the arrow on the back cover pointing up to minimize the effects of gravity on diaphragm travel. Horizontal position can be used when fuel contamination can be controlled with HD-5 or HD-10 specified LPG fuel.

Diaphragm Material                  Silicone

Applications                                  Stationary

Certification                                  UL (AU1502) – inquire for specific ECE approval

Inlet Pressure

Maximum                                        13.84” Water Column (3.44 kPa)

Nominal Outlet Pressure           -0.12 kPa (-0.5” or below Water Column)

Initial Flow Pressure                    -0.05 to -0.35 Water Column

Horsepower Rating

LPG (standard)                              40 HP (30 kW)

LPG (high flow)                             50 HP (37 kW)

Natural Gas (standard)              25 HP (19 kW)

Natural Gas (high flow)              30 HP (22 kW)

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