Impco ET98-30515-001 Shut Off Solenoid

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The Model ET98 is an electronic safety shutoff valve suitable for high pressure – as much as 315 psi (21.72 Bar) of liquid or vaporized LPG or vaporized Natural Gas.  It is a normally closed straight through lock-off, opened with a 12V DC and is available with either a male or female outlet.


Fuel Type                                        LPG (Liquid or Vapor) or Natural Gas (Low-pressure Vapor)

Inlet Pressure (maximum)        315 psi (21.72 Bar)

Flow Rating                                   24,000 NL/H (105.6 GM) at 400 kPa Air

Electrical Requirement            12 Volts DC/15.5 Watts (1.3 Amps)

Operating Temperature          -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)

Fuel Filtration (required)           40 Microns

Mounting Position                     Vertical recommended

Certification                                  UL recognized – inquire for specific ECE approval

Weight                                             ~12 oz. (470 grams)

Weight 0.812 lbs