Impco RK-E100-1 Repair Kit

Compares to E2141010


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Compares to E2141010

This Repair Kit fits E100-58963-001 and E2411001B.

This product is designed and manufactured to provide equivalent performance and durability when compared to the OEM parts and comply with California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Replacement Part Regulations for use on off-road vehicles, engines, or equipment that are subject to California or federal off-road emission standards.  Outlined below:

1.  Are intended to replace the engine manufacturer’s emissions-related components (CCR Title 13 Section §1900. EPA 40 CFR §1068.110)
2.  Are functionally identical to the original components in all respects which in any way affect emissions and durability (CCR Title 13 Section §1900. EPA 40 CFR §1068.110)
3.  Will not affect the engine manufacturer’s emissions warranty (CCR Title 13 Sections §2405 and §2435. EPA 40 CFR §1068.110, §1068.115 and §1054.120)
4.  Comply with all CARB and EPA requirements for OEM replacement parts (CCR Title 13 Sections §2470 and §2473. EPA 40 CFR §1068.110)


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