Maxitrol GF60-66 Fuel Filter with 3/4″ NPT


Maxitrol filters are suitable for application in natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gasair mixture piping systems.  Unique filter matting effectively separates dust.  The matting has an extremely high capacity for accumulated dust due to its wide filtering surface and depth effect.  The material will not allow particulate infiltration over 0.05mm (50 microns).  The inserts are quick and easy to replace.  The filter housing’s compact size allows for easy original equipment installation or retrofitting.


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• 3/4″ NPT

• Housing’s are made of durable cast aluminum

• Filter matting consists of polypropylene impregnated fleece

• Rp or Rc thread (parallel or taper) dimensions according to ISO 7-1. NPT thread according to ANSI.

• Maximum operating inlet pressure: 15 psi (1 bar)

• Ambient temperature limit: 175° F (80° C)



Weight 1.341 lbs